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There are many reasons why millions of tourists choose to holiday in Italy and it is these same reasons that encourage people to relocate to the beautiful country. Before you start shopping around online for the perfect properties you should carefully consider the reason you want to move there and also the region that best suits your requirements. Italy is a country that offers a lot of diversity in its features and landscape.

Previously, the average cost of houses for sale in Italy have been lower than in France and Spain because it has been a slightly less popular destination for those looking to relocate or purchase a holiday home. However, certain areas of Italy are becoming increasingly popular with foreign visitors and regions in northern Italy and southern Italy are increasing in price fairly rapidly. Italian property prices look almost certain to fall in line with those in France and Spain very soon but for now, it is cheaper than the more popular locations.

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Ski Property in Italy

The Alps and the Apennines are both popular regions and ski property can be relatively expensive because of the superb surroundings and the demand for properties of this nature. However, the living costs of these areas are considerably cheaper than those of the cities. City living is comparable in price to living in Great Britain. Luxury goods tend to be expensive whereas alcohol is generally cheaper throughout the country. Rental holiday homes are also popular in the ski resort regions. Whether you choose to rent or are more interested in buying a home you should first find the location that interests you the most.

When you begin the buying process you may initially be asked to sign a compromesso, or buying proposal. A compromesso is legally binding and means that the buyer is contracted to purchase the property but the vendor can still consider further offers. A preliminary contract details all aspects of the sale including the completion date.

Italian property really is set to face sharp increases in price and while a year or so ago it may have been possible to purchase a small property in need of renovation for around 20,000 those kinds of opportunities are fast disappearing. Rental prices are increasing in line with purchase prices because more property has been developed as investments. However, despite these potential increases, there are still houses for sale at very reasonable prices that will certainly compete with the prices of homes in France or Spain.

Property in Tuscany

There are some properties available at more than reasonable prices even in popular regions like Tuscany, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the property you are looking for within city centres. Whether you are looking for a new apartment near the beach or a home that is in the centre of the Italian way of life you should begin your search online; this way you have access to all the information you need regarding the local area and the properties themselves.