Languedoc-Roussillon. With a southern border with Spain; a huge stretch of Mediterranean coastline; fairytale historic castles and the largest wine producer in France, it’s hardly surprising that Languedoc-Roussillon is projected to have the fastest population growth of an French region. With an obvious knowck on effect on property prices, this region is one likely to be at the top of many Northern European purchasers. With the exception of the department of Lozère each of Languedoc-Roussilon’s departments has a coastal strip, meaning access to a beach is relatively straightforward when the summer temperature gets that little bit too hot. Lozère tends to be a little cooler, generally at a slightly higher altitude, with the mountain range of the Cévennes running through the department. Property tends to still be very affordable by UK standards with houses in the mountain ranges distinctly cheaper than closer to the coast. Transport Links. There are numerous airport options now available to fly from Britain. With airports in Montpellier, Carcassonne , Perpignan and Nimes and a number different carriers. With the much publicised opening of the new Richard Rogers designed bridge over the Tarn at Millau access time to Lozère for those driving from the north has recently been cut quite significantly. The TGV from Paris now takes 3 1/2 hours to reach Montpellier and about 5 hours to Perpignan. Landscape. This varies dramatically across the region with the mountain range of the Cévennes to the north, the Corbières to the west and the north slopes of the Pyrenees to the South. Between the mountains and coastal area is primarily farmland – with some major cities of course – along with superb examples of medieval architecture in Montpellier, Carcassonne, etc. Finally the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Canal du Midi forms part of France’s longest navigable artificial waterway linking Toulouse to the étang de Thau.

Region :Languedoc-Roussillon
Area (KM2) :27376
Population :2221300
Regional Prefecutre :Montpellier
Bordering Regions :Auvergne
Bordering Countries :Andorra
Traditional Province :Languedoc
Departments :Aude

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