Manoir de L'Emmeille

Third generation of wine producers, passed down from father to son. The buildings date back to the Xl l l century and renovations started from 1950.

The chateau can be found in the region of the Hauts Coteaux in the wine growing region of Gaillac.

Land and Houses


3 Hectares for sowing new vines
3.5 Hectares of young vines
3.5 Hectares of vines for table wine
39 Hectares of AOC vineyards


2.6 hectares of land
10 hectares of woodland


Main house is also forms part of the ancient church that has been turned into the wine shop where customers can come taste and buy the products. The rest of the house is made up of the living quarters, office, stock room and part wine production area.The current owner has started a project (which has been suspended due to the sale) where with European grants he was going to increase his production area, tasting and administration sections. The house is built of traditional white stone and has been around since the 13th century.
2 further villages houses which are for the staff
A family house in the village
2 very large warehouse for stock, also in the village.

Variety of Vines

The vineyard has the following varieties growing

Cabernet franc
Cabernet sauvignon

Volume of Production

900 HL of Gaillac wine
250 HL of Gaillac Pink
200 HL of Gaillac white dry
200 HL of Gaillac white sweet
500 HL of cotes du tarn red and Pink
Around 2,200HL of wine is produced each year



Metro: who specialise in professional foods and distribute to establishments in Toulouse, Tarbes,Agen,and Tau
Promocash: same set up as metro, deliver to same places as metro, but also in Albi,Rodez,Auch,and Mountauban.

Traditional Circuit

Large caves in the Tarn
France Boisson
Businesses in Toulouse



People needed to maintain activity

Production only

1University graduate, with specialist diploma.
2 Handy workers with experience in cutting, picking, and production.
1 Driver for deliveries.


1 Secretary
1 Book Keeper
1 Technical director ( the owner has said that he can stay on for up to 3 years to help any new purchaser. (not free)


1 Commercial, to coordinate all marketing activity and relations with all commercial partners.

Price : 3,200,000 euros which includes agents fee

IMPORTANT- Due to the fact that the business is still operating, the owner has expressed a view that he will only show people around who can prove that they have everything in place prior to any visits. As will appreciate the owner is trying to maintain his business at the same time and cannot afford time wasters. So please ensure that this information is only forwarded to clients that you know would be serious and in a position to proceed.

Further details such as accounts will only be produced once a serious purchaser is in place.